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Thermocouple Compensating Cable

Thermocouple compensating cables are a specific type of compensating cable used in temperature measurement systems that employ thermocouples.



Cable Core:  Single Core, Multicore Core.
Conductor Type: K,T,J,N,R,S,B.
Conductor Stranded: Solid or Multistrand.
Insulation: PVC PTFE, FEP, Silicon, FG, Ceramic FG.
Color Code: As Per Coloure  Code Table
Standards:  ANSI MC96.1, IEC 584.3, IS 8784.

Compensating cables for thermocouples are designed to connect the thermocouple sensor to the measuring instrument or controller while minimizing errors introduced by temperature gradients along the cable's length. 

Generally K,T,J,N,R,S,B compensating cables are use.


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