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Programmable Controller : FP93

Programmable controller with a bright, easy-to-see large LED display.
Can be set at program pattern number: maximum 4 patterns, program step number: maximum 40 steps.
Suitable for multi-input of thermocouple, RTD and voltage.
3-point event output is a standard feature.
4-point external control input is a standard feature.
A dustproof and drip-proof structure suitable for IP66.



■ Bright and easy-to-read large LED display (character height 20 mm)
■ 64-step program (4 patterns 16 steps, 2 patterns 32 steps, 1 pattern 64 steps) can be set
■ Multi-input support for thermocouples, RTD, and DC voltages
■ Dustproof and drip-proof. Equivalent to IP66 (front direction when panel mounted)

Ordering Information

SERIES FP93-   96 x 96 DIN size Program controller (External control input 4 points, event output 3 points – standard)
INPUT 8   Multi Thermocouple B, R, S, K, E, J, T, N, PLII, Wre5-26, U, L
R.T.D. Pt100, JPt100
Voltage mV: -10–10, 0–10, 0–20, 0–50, 10–50, 0–100mV DC Scaling possible
Range: -1999–9999
Span: 10–5000
V : -1–1, 0–1, 0–2, 0–5, 1–5, 0–10V DC
4   Current 4–20, 0–20mA DC (equipped with external 250 shunt resistor)
CONTROL OUTPUT Y-   Contact 1c Contact capacity: 240AC 2.5A/resistive load Proportional cycle: 1–120 seconds
I-   Current 4–20mA DC Load Resistance: 600 max.
P-   SSR drive voltage 12V ±1.5V DC 30mA max. Proportional cycle:1–120 seconds
V-   Voltage 0–10V DC Load current: 2mA max.
POWER SUPPLY 90-   100–240V AC ±10%    50/60Hz
08-   24V AC/DC ±10%   50/60Hz
0   None
1   Open collector darlington output Rating: 24 V DC max. 20mA
3   Voltage: 0–10mV DC Output resistance: 10
4   Current: 4–20mA DC Load resistance: 300 max.
6   Voltage: 0–10V DC Load current: 2mA max.
0   None
5   RS-485 Shimaden standard protocol/MODBUS communication protocol
7   RS-232C
REMARKS 0 Without
9 With (Please consult before ordering.)

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