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PAC26P Series (Single Phase)

For phase control system, soft start function (variable within 1 to 10 sec.) is available.
Widely coping with various applications such as control of heater having alloy, graphite, silicon carbide or pure metal system as its heating element by joint use with current control function or various feedback functions and matching transformer.


Ordering Information

SERIES PAC26P   Phase Angle Control Single Phase Power Regulator
Control Input 2   Contact
3   1~5V DC Input Impedance: 200kΩ
4   4~20mA DC Receiving Impedance: 100Ω
6   0~10V DC Input Impedance: 200kΩ
9   Others (Please consult before ordering.)
Power Supply 13-   100~110V AC
14-   110~120V AC
15-   200~220V AC
16-   220~240V AC
17-   380~400V AC Note: 200V power supply is separately required for electric source and power for fan.
18-   400~440V AC
Current Capacity ……………………………………………100~240V AC ……………………………………………………………………………………..380~440V AC
021   20A 022   20A
031   30A 032   30A
041   45A 042   45A
061   60A 062   60A
081   80A 082   80A
101   100A 102   100A
151   150A 152   150A
251   250A 252   250A
351   350A 352   350A
451   450A 452   450A
Feedback Function 0   Constant voltage (standard feature)
1   Constant current
2   Constant power
3   Voltage Square-root
Output Control Function 0   None
1   Startup time output control limiting (0~60%, 1~60sec.)
2   Current limiting
3   Startup time output control + Current limiting
  N   None (Internal installation as standard)
External Power Adjuster Contact
P   External power adjuster
B   Base (low) power adjuster
H   High / Low power adjuster
Current /
P   External power adjuster
M   Manual power adjuster
B   Base power adjuster
W   External power + Manual power
Y   External power + Base power
Heater Break Alarm 0   Without
1   With (0~100% setting of rated current)
Rapid Fuse 0   Without
1   With (See rapid fuse option.)
Auto Power Adjustment Functions 0   Without
4   4~20mA DC Receiving Impedance: 100Ω
6   0~10V DC Input Impedance: 200kΩ
Remarks 0 Without
9 With (Please consult before ordering.)

* For use beyond the rated voltage, please make an inquiry.
* Variable resistance heating elements such as silicon carbide (SiC) heaters have a high negative temperature coefficient (their resistance greatly affected by temperature).
During a temperature rise, their resistance falls far below that within the ordinary temperature range, leading to inadequate power.
Maintaining output power within an appropriate range at every temperature requires the device’s current capacity to be multiplied by a square root of the heating element’s
resistance ratio.
To give an example, the approximate resistance ratio of SiC heaters is 1:3, a square root of which is √3, or approx. 1.73. The required current capacity when using those heaters is
thus 1.73 times the original capacity.
However, since heater deterioration may further widen the ratio, a current capacity even higher than the abovementioned must be selected. As for use of SiC heaters, we
recommend about double the original capacity.
● 200V series / 350A, 450A and 400V series / 20 to 450A are treated as semi-standard products. Please contact us in advance for the delivery date.


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