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Multiple Flow Meter with Needle Valve (for Precision Measurement and Control for Laboratory) MODEL RK120X SERIES.

This multiple flow meter with a needle valve is made by combining several types of flow meter for controlling various flows in a laboratory. It is designed based on the RK1200, a flow meter with precision needle valve, and has been verified to have outstanding reliability.

■Fluid:N₂,Air,H₂,He,Ar,O₂,CO₂ etc
■Flow range:5mL/min~20L/min



□ Multiple control of two to four flow meters
Two to four flow meters can be attached to one unit to permit control of various gases in various flow ranges.
□ Various flow ranges
The flow meter can measure a variety of flows ranging from the very small flow of full-scale 5 ML/MIN to 20 L/MIN.
□ High-precision measurement and control
This flow meter is designed based on the precision flow meter RK1200 and permits control of very small flow and high-precision measurement (FS ±2%).

  • A single unit can measure and control 2 to 4 lines of gas.
  • With stand.
  • Control of minute flows available.
  • Superior control performance by needle valve in the non-rotary structure.
  • Valve arrangement available at the top.
  • RoHS.


□ Control of multiple components
□ Multiple range control
□ Flow control in laboratories

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