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Pressure Regulator for Large flow rate MODEL 6700 SERIES. This regulating valve is a larger version of our 6600 regulator.
The design is compact, yet it permits quick, reliable, high-accuracy pressure regulation in a large flow range.

■Secondary control pressure:Gas 0.01~0.6MPa(G)
■Max.flow rate:50L/min



□ Compact regulating valve for large flow
The compact, lightweight valve has excellent control characteristics in a large flow range, ensuring the repeatability of ±1% when the primary and secondary pressure change.
□ Complete fluid shutoff
When the secondary pressure is set at 0, it functions also as a stop valve.
□ Ideal for in-line mounting
The fluid inlet and outlet are provided on the sides of the body, permitting easy in-line piping.
□ Non-bleed type
This non-bleed type valve has passed stringent leak tests, thus eliminating concerns.

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