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KTL series PORTABLE/ONLINE Pyrometer

KTL series infrared radiation thermometers are combination of highly durable sensor, reliable
microprocessor electronic and precision camera optics. It is provided with four measuring modes
Cont/Peak/Valley & Hold. Measured readings are displayed on LED both inside the viewfinder and on side
panel of the thermometer. Variable sampling rate can be set from 0.01 to 1.00 seconds allowing fast
response or facilitating smooth readout if target temperature is rapidly changing. Analog and digital outputs
are available as standard. PC communication software is included as standard accessory.






  • Wide measuring ranges
  • Precision optics with zoom
  • On-line or portable use
  • Adjustable sampling rate
  • 2-way LED display of readings
  • Analog and digital outputs through the multifunction AC adopter
  • Option of wireless communication of measured data through blue tooth


New models KTL-P1-B and KTL-P04-B are capable of communicating measured data to aremote PC using Bluetooth (Version 2.0 + EDR) for high speed wireless data transfer. Distance to remote PC can be 30~40 meters using optional micro USB adopter. Communication distance
varies depending on surrounding environment. Software to collect and display measured data is suppled as standard accessory. Data can be
displayed in graphical form and can be read and written in CSV format.

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