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Shimaden Customized Controllers / Non-Standard
PID Controller SR90 Series ( SR91/ SR92 / SR93 / SR94)


  • Multi-input and multi-range performance
  • Large 20mm bright display (SR93)
  • Readable from a distance and in a low light area
  • 2-output heating and cooling control available
  • RS232C or RS485 Interface (MODBUS / Shimaden) available
  • Dust and splash proof front panel equivalent to IP66
  • A wide selection of additional functions (optional) is available to suit various needs.
PID Controller SR80 Series ( SR82 / SR83 / SR84)

Shimaden SR80 series are suitable for applications with higher accuracy control is required.


PID Controller SRS10A Series (SRS11A / SRS12A / SRS13A / SRS14A)

A controller with a space-saving depth of 62 x 65 mm compared to existing products with a depth of 100 mm. 3-point SV setting; 3 types of PID value can be set. Control output of ON/OFF hysteresis mode is selectable. Heating/cooling 2-output control (optional) can be selected. 4-pattern, 8-step program (optional) can be selected. 3-point maximum event output (optional) can be selected. Analog output (optional) can be selected. 2-point CT input (optional) can be selected. 4-point external control input maximum (optional), can be selected. Communication function (optional), master and slave mode can be used.


PID Controller SR23A


  • 2-channel controller (Basic type: 1-channel controller)
  • Independent 2-loop / Internal Cascade / 2-input operation control
  • High accuracy ± (0.1% FS + 1 digit)
  • High Sampling Cycle 0.1 sec.
  • High resolution 1/ 1000 °C display achieved
  • *Only for R.T.D. input (scale: 0.000–30.000 °C)
  • Auto-Tuning PID / Expert PID / Self-Tuning PID Multi-Setting of 10 Set Values
  • Independent Multi -Input
  • User Friendly Operation (Menu Driven: 4 Lines LCD Display)
  • Easy Setting & Maintenance via Infrared COM port on the front panel
  • Interface RS-232C/RS-485 (MODBUS / Shimaden)
  • The front dust/splash-proof IP66
  • Universal Power Supply (100–240V AC ±10%)
  • Sensor power supply