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Pressure Regulating Valves
Principle of Pressure regulating valve

Pressure regulating valves are classified into reducing valves and back-pressure valves. Reducing valves are adjustment valves that make the secondary-side pressure constant when the pressure on the primary side changes, and are used at the first stage of systems in general. Meanwhile, back-pressure valves are used to keep the primary-side pressure constant by releasing the primary-side pressure when it has exceeded the set value.


Precision Pressure Regulator MODEL 6600 SERIES.This is a compact, lightweight precision pressure regulator with superior repeatability to provide reliable and speedy regulations.
Since all the components are perfectly cleaned before assembly, this model is ideal for high-sensitivity instruments for analysis required for R&D activities.

■Secondary control pressure:Gas 0.01~0.6MPa(G)
■Max.flow rate:10L/min or 20L/min


Pressure Regulator for Large flow rate MODEL 6700 SERIES. This regulating valve is a larger version of our 6600 regulator.
The design is compact, yet it permits quick, reliable, high-accuracy pressure regulation in a large flow range.

■Secondary control pressure:Gas 0.01~0.6MPa(G)
■Max.flow rate:50L/min

MODEL 6610

Precision Pressure Regulator for Low pressure MODEL 6610.This valve has been developed for better repeatability and quick, reliable pressure regulation by increasing the accuracy
of the low-pressure side compared with the Model 6600. It is ideal for high-sensitivity analyzers and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, as well as for research and development.

■Secondary control pressure:Gas 0.01~0.15MPa(G)
■Max.flow rate:5L/min


Backpressure Regulator MODEL 6800 SERIES. The backpressure valve is a kind of relief valve that keeps the pressure at the front stage of a valve constant.
It can easily and quickly control the pressure of a tank with a large buffer and remove the constant flow of a mixed gas, which cannot easily be done by general regulation valves with a subsequent
stage controlling function. This new concept of pressure regulation has been attracting much attention.

■Pressure setting: Primary side: Gas 0.01~0.6MPa(G)
■Max. flow rate:Gas:0.8L/min or 1L/min or 10L/min