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Mass Flow Controllers / Meters
Principle of MFC/MFM

The mass flow controllers and meters, which measure the mass flow rate, are less influenced by the temperature and pressure as compared with mechanical flow meters and valves, and can electrically exchange information about the flow rate. They are used in a wide range of processes and equipment in the fields where high levels of accuracy, repeatability, responsiveness and cost effectiveness are required, such as semiconductors, optic fibers, various analyses, fuel cells, liquid crystal, organic electroluminescence, biotechnology, foods, environmental measurement, combustion gas control, plant facilities and examination equipment.


Compact Digital MFC / MFM  MODEL EX-250S SERIES
Digital mass flow device which is adopted the own developed both stable high speed thermal sensor and small proportional solenoid valve and is realized high accuracy and quick response with RS 485 communication in spite of compact.

■Applicable gas:N₂,Air,H₂,He,Ar,O₂,CO₂ etc.
■Flow range:5SCCM~10SLM


All metal digital mass flow controller / mass flow meter MODEL EX-550 SERIES
All metal MFC installed the own developed stable high speed thermal sensor. SEMI standard, 106mm (or 124mm) and RS485 communication. High accuracy product realized 1.0% S.P for corrosive gas.

■Applicable gas:N₂,Air,H₂,He,Ar,O₂,CO₂ etc.
■Flow range:10SCCM~5SLM


Digital MFC / MFM with Display MODEL 8700 SERIES

Model 8700 Series is a gas flow control/measuring equipment with an integrated flow sensor developed based on the principle of the thermal flow sensor, flow control valve
(controller type) and indicator.

■Applicable gas:N₂,Air,H₂,He,Ar,O₂,CO₂ etc.
■Flow range:10SCCM~100SLM


Standard Mass Flow Controller MODEL 3660 SERIES

Model 3660 Series Mass Flow Controller has been developed centering the focus on compactness and low cost and is being acclaimed by a wide range of users for diverse applications, including from laboratory research and development activities to the use as a standard mass flow control model for various types of analyzers and vacuum devices in the production line. Varieties of derived models and options are available.

■Applicable gas:N₂,Air,H₂,He,Ar,O₂,CO₂ etc.
■Flow range:10SCCM~100SLM


Standard Mass Flow Meter MODEL 3760 SERIES

The Model 3760 Series is a compact, low-cost mass flow meter developed based on the Model 3660 Series. It has been developed as a standard model of various analyzers and vacuum equipment for research and development at universities and research institutes.

■Applicable gas:N₂,Air,H₂,He,Ar,O₂,CO₂ etc.
■Flow range:10SCCM~100SLM


Low-cost Mass Flow Meter with Display MODEL 3810DSII SERIES

The Model 3810DS II is a mass flow meter with a built-in display using a time-tested flow sensor. The 3810DS II displays total flow in addition to instantaneous flow, which is an improvement on the previous model 3810DS. Just like the 3810DS, the 3810DS II is also available with flow sensor and precision needle valve built into one piece.

■Applicable gas:N₂,Air,H₂,He,Ar,O₂,CO₂ etc.
■Flow range:10SCCM~100SLM